One Day In KŌRIYAMA- Fukushima Prefecture.

December 9th, 2013, with a group of friends, we volunteered to help the humanitarian  association "La Caravane Bon Appetit". A french organisation that have been involved since March 11th 2011 helping the people from the devastated -and contaminated - area of Tohoku.  We went to the town of Koriyama, in the Fukushima prefecture where most of the people still live in prefabricated homes. 
We distributed Christmas presents, donations from Petit Bateau , Bonpoint, Lego, candies and more. Some established french and japanese chefs cooked and served fancy food. 
A troop of entertainers came with us from Tokyo and performed for the children.
The children were very happy.
 It was a very special day I will never forget.

Audrey Fondecave.

Audrey Fondecave.

Photo Vanessa Franklin

Vanessa Franklin who took amazing photographs!

 Aude de Saint Exupery

Bonpoint and Petit Bateau donations

Me still sleepy!

Patrick Hochster .Founder
Photo Vanessa Franklin

Children from elementary school sang the song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom).

The lyrics are a message from those who lost their lives to the people they left behind.

An emotional moment.

A little souvenir from the people from Koriyama 

This lady has been working in the field across the school all day! It was really cold.
But she was always smiling!

Photo Vanessa Franklin

Photo Vanessa Franklin

Sophie Fort & Audrey back in the bus en route to Tokyo

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